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Influenza (FLU) is a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory passages causing fever, body aches and phlegm and often occurs in waves. Different types of viruses evolve and change from year to year and result in flu, presenting with general body illness. Generally, no medication is required, except symptomatic painkillers or decongestan
This refers to cancer arising from the large bowel or the rectum, which is the part of the bowel located just above the anus. Colorectal cancer can be prevented and in some cases when detected early and treated timeously, can certainly be cured. Stats In South Africa, colorectal cancer is the 4th most common cancer amongst men & women and its i
It was with great pride that Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital officially opened the doors to Ahmed Kathrada Sports Medical Centre on 13 May 2017. Hosting over 70 guests of various medical disciplines who attended the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) talks given by our Sports Medical Center Multi-Disciplinary Team: Drs Mohammed Mossajee (Spo
Lung cancer is a major health problem worldwide with significantly increasing incidences in developing countries, like South Africa, where it is the second most common cancer. Risk factors The average age of onset is at about 60 years for both men and women. Cigarette smoking is without doubt the most important cause of lung cancer. This risk incre
Nursing: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals International Nurses Day The International Council of Nurses (ICN) theme for International Nurses day 2017 is “ Nursing: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)”. Celebrated on 12 th May, the date of Florence Nightingale’s birth, International Nurses
Shifa Private Hospital unveiled its’ new oncology department in association with Rainbow Oncology earlier this month complete with a chemotherapy suite, consulting  rooms  and in-patient facilities. This world class facility is fully equipped to provide patients with the best oncological care coupled with skilled medical professionals who